Joining college and starting is big progress in every student’s life. There are lots of expectations, and students are always eager to explore new life and new beginnings. As much as this is an exciting experience, college freshman tips are significant since a student can easily lose focus and end up screwing up the entire life in college instead of keeping the focus on the main goal and aspiration.

During the first time in college, students always meet new people as they make friends, try new things, and have new experiences. Without proper advice for college students, things can fall apart for such students since there will always be first year college student problems which can make the students take the wrong direction and end up wasting their precious time in college.

First year college student problems: how to survive college

As much as getting to college can be exciting, students must gear themselves up for the following common problems and learn survival tips to overcome such issues. They include:

  • Stress

A fresh student in college will face stress due to reasons such as homesickness, getting a place to settle, managing time, and such related issues.

  • Financial issues

The matter of finances in college is something that happens throughout college life. Since the students are starting to learn how to manage finances, it can be hard to manage the money effectively, and this is among the common problems fresh college students face.

  • Dorm issues

Fresh students in college aren’t familiar with the new environment, and getting a perfect dorm with understanding dorm mates can be a big deal. That is why advice for new college students is a significant element.

Advice for freshmen: 15 best tips for college students

Parents, teachers, and related parties should take the responsibility to ensure advice for new students in college is done appropriately for the welfare of the students and the surrounding environment. The following are some of the best college freshman tips students can consider to ensure they achieve their targets while in college.

  1. Never skip a class

While still fresh in college, new students will always feel the urge to keep sleeping, hoping they can catch up with the class later. However, this is a big mistake since every concept in college is significant to the final grades of the student.

  1. Make pioneer friends

Depending on your field or course of interest, try and befriend students who are some years ahead of you but in the same course as you. Doing this will create a room for reference when you need to consult something, and you cannot approach the teacher.

  1. Choose your friends appropriately

While a new college student is eager to make new friends, always take note of the characters, you look for in friends. Choose friends with a focus in life and avoid misleading friends that can influence you negatively.

  1. Avoid procrastination

Procrastinating things is one of the biggest aspects that affect students in college; if you can handle something today, do it right away and avoid pushing it while piling up many tasks that can overwhelm you.

  1. Set academic objectives

The first year in college is the best time to set the trend and the goals you want to achieve after you finish your college years.

  1. Take responsibility

In college, there is no guardian or parents to guide students. As a student, train yourself as early as possible to stay responsible by doing the right things as required.   

  1. Get a manageable part-time job

Getting a job while studying will not only help a student financially but help a student spend free time effectively while gaining different skills.

  1. Use college resources effectively

Of course, there will be privileges for college students such as free lectures, library services, gym, and such resources. Ensure you explore them well since you always pay for such services through tuition fees.

  1. Befriend your tutors

As a college student, making your teachers friends is the best decision since you can talk with them freely!

  1. Prepare a schedule

The timetable or schedule will help you handle different activities in a manageable manner.

The other tips for college students include:

  1. Learn to study with others
  2. Study the syllabus well
  3. Don’t forget to exercise!
  4. Keep in contact with people at home
  5. Maintain a positive attitude always


College life is all exciting, but until you achieve your dream and goal over the years, that is when you can be proud of attending college. As a student in college for the first time, always remember the advice you get from parents, teachers, and other professionals. These tips will help you attain your dream goal.

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