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ePayItOnline @ – Online Medical Billing Portal 2021

If you got a merchant agreement for your e-store or if you are moving to the epayit Online bill payment portal then this article is must be needful for you. To know the actual process, you should read the full article to the end. In the article, I will provide full information about the epayitOnline Bill payment guide.

Bill payment guide of epayitonline step by step

epayit is an online bill payment portal which is used to bill payment at medical. There is a very small process to get this portal available on your website. But, today in this article I will share how to do epayit Online bill payment guide. To know more about it follow the below process step by step.

First of all, you have to meet some basic requirement to do epayitOnline bill payment.

Basic requirement:

  • Code id which indicates medical store details
  • Access# number to fetch bill details online
  • You must have the availability of Devices like a laptop, Mobile phone or PC
  • Internet connection must require to browse epayit online bill payment portal

Step by step process of epayitonline bill payment guide with no step skip:

  • First of all, you have to visit at epayit online bill payment portal to go through payment online.
  • After landing on its home page you will see the page as shown in the below image.
  • Now on this page, you have to fill some details like Code Id, access# number. If you don’t know how to get this detail then you can check by clicking on “help”. This detail will be mentioned on your bill receipt.
  • After entering Code Id and access# number you will be redirected to the payment gateway portal.
  • You can pay at this portal through your credit card or debit card by entering card details. you will have to pay securely.
  • That’s it. You have done your payment successfully.

The process of the epayit online bill payment is very easy to understand. Their official website is very easy to access for anyone.

How to get Code Id and Access # Number

If anyone has any confusion that where to find Code Id and Access# number then you can follow a simple process as instructed below.

  • To get this Code Id and Access# code, you have to visit at its official website “”
  • After reaching on its home page you will see the “Help” option between the Code Id and Access# number boxes. Click on it
  • You will see an image as shown below
  • As shown in the above image, you will get this Code Id and Access# number from your bill statement.
  • You have to copy this detail before proceeding to make epayitonline bill payment

Why epayitonline bill payment

Epayit allows you to make online bill payments with great safety. As we know nowadays there is much more cybercrime increasing by making fake online bill payment portal. But, the epayit portal is very much safe to make payment. They have several features on that they always focus just to give the best experience to their valuable customer. These are listed below:

  • Security
  • Easy Integration
  • Transparency
  • Support

These four are the main pillar of their trust and integrity and safe online bill payment portal.

  • Security: As I mentioned above, everyone should have to very clear that wherever they are going to make their online bill payment, is that site secure or not, Is that bill portal safe or not. By the use of an epayitonline bill portal, you can be stress-free that they are genuine and trustful online bill payment portal.
  • Easy integration: To install an epayitonline bill portal on your website is very much easy and simple steps to follow. So, if want to install an epayit payment gateway on your website, then you should not worry about any programming or deep computer engineering knowledge.
  • Transparency: If you want to install an epayit online portal on your website then you have to purchase it from the official. After then you will be no charged for any transactions. Whatever payment you will get through this portal, you will get full money to your bank account directly.
  • Support: With the great supporting staff, the epayit online bill payment portal is being famous among another online bill payment portal and also accepted by many website owners.

Conclusion: The epayitonline bill payment portal was established in 2001. It was founded by 4 founders to solve the issue of the online transaction and make business eco-friendly. Due to this online bill payment, online businesses are growing more and more because they get satisfied by their fastest online bill payment and other transactions. Just because of their trustable online bill payment portal, recently they became the world’s largest online bill payment portal across the Nordic region.

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